The difference between
Normal Iron and Shimono Multi Steamer

Normal Iron

To iron the clothes a hard surface is a must like an ironing board. May choose to iron by hanging the clothes or just simply put on the ironing board or on bed/pillows/sofa. Only iron one side and the other side will get ironed as well.
It has only one function, for clothes. There are 3 functions. It can iron clothes, dry wash and for facial.
Quite heavy and dangerous (As the base plate is made of metal, it is easy to get burnt and also burn the clothes). Very handy and safe. (This is because it is made of Fiber Glass and will not hurt your hands and neither burn your clothes.)
Cannot iron over buttons as the buttons will get spoilt. Can iron over buttons. Very convenient and easy !
Need to adjust the temperature as per the fabric when ironing, would spoil the fabric if the temperature settings is wrong. No need to adjust the temperature to iron different type of fabrics. It will never spoil the fabric.
Must spray water onto the clothes then only the wrinkles will become straight. No need to spray water, can easily remove wrinkles and make the clothes turn straight (Use 100% steam)
Clothes will easily get crumpled after ironing. After ironing, clothes can last longer and will not crumple (As there is enough water-steam)
The overhot baseplate will damage fabrics like Silk, Satin, etc. and extra shinning marks will appear on the fabric. Protect material and will not cause material to turn shining.
Use uncertain electricity, 1200W to 1500W.
Wasting of electricity and money.
Use 0W to 800W of electricity. Very economy. (Huge saving every month on your electricity bill)
Iron for long time, the iron would get over-heating, wire would easily get melted. When there is no more water, it will automatically shut down. Later will get cold by itself.
Can only be used in Countries that have 240V of electric flow. International Electricity. 110V, 220V, 240V. Easy for traveling (abroad).
Reduces the life of Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk etc. Increases the life of natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, etc.